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Eco Tours

Eco Tours in the Amazon Basin

Sublime jungle wilderness, wildlife unseen anywhere else in the world, and a river of almost mythical allure: the Amazonas Department of Colombia is a place of extraordinary beauty. With our collection of Eco Tours, you can unravel the region like a true explorer - visit the indigenous community of Ticuna de Macedonia, listen to the roar of howler monkeys on Isla de los Micos, and discover the majestic, awesome Amazon River. Book online with us today.

  1. Discover the largest river in the world with this exciting Amazon River Tour. Book your Amazon excursion in Leticia, Colombia online.
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  2. Reserva online la Caminata Ecológica por el Amazonas y descubre cómo se prepara el mambe, rapé y ambil, productos típicos de la comunidad indígena Huitoto.
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  3. Descubre el Amazonas con el City Tour a Leticia y Tabatinga, ciudades de Colombia y Brasil que comparten hermosos lugares de interés turístico. ¡Reserva!
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